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Army Family Action Plan

This facility has LIMITED SERVICES.

  • HPCON C guidelines are in effect.
  • Limited manning/services.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning, sanitary awaress and vigilance.
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The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is an Army-wide program that serves as a platform for Army Issues pertaining to the total Army quality of life. It gives the community a voice to relay what is going well and what is not with how the Army conducts business with all members of the Army including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve Components, Retired Military, Family Members, Survivors and Civilian Employees. This is a volunteer-based program and is open to all individuals who care about the Army, its Families and the USAG Humphreys Community

Program Overview

AFAP is a program for Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees to identify quality of life issues and propose recommendations for improvement of policies and programs which affect the well-being of the military community. A conference is held annually, but issues can be submitted year-round.

Annual Conference: Representatives of active and reserve Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees form workgroups meet to discuss submitted issues in a forum guided by skilled facilitators and recorders in an effort to identify and prioritize quality of life issues and formulate recommendations.

In the history of AFAP, over 124 changes have been made to legislation, more than176 policies and regulations have been revised and many programs and services have been improved at the Department of the Army level.

Some of these improvements include: Pay Increases, Military Savings Plan, Youth Initiatives, TRICARE for Life, Chiropractic Care for Active Duty, Household Goods Weight Allowance Increase for Junior Enlisted and much more

AFAP's Goal
  • Identify and prioritize Soldier and Family issues.
  • Assist Army leadership in reshaping the Army
  • Improve our local community
How can I submit an AFAP Issue?

You can submit issues anytime at the Main ACS, Bldg 311.

How can I Volunteer?

Army Family Action Plan Forum (Family Support/ Force Support/Deployment) Delegates and Forum Staff are always needed during the Annual Conferences. National Guard, Reserve Components, Retirees, Active Duty, Family Members, Survivors and DOD Civilian employees are welcome to volunteer. Call (315)753-3266 for more information today.