Rectrac Household Update

Rectrac Household Update


USAG Humphreys Family and MWR is updating our RecTrac system. To register/re-register in the system, please follow these easy steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Community Recreation".
  3. Select "Korea" under the drop down menu for Select State/Country.
  4. Click "Search".
  5. Select "Area 3 Humphreys".
  6. Click the "Click Here to Register Your Household in the USAG Humphreys DFMWR RecTrac System" blue hyperlink.
  7. Create user name and password using criteria listed in the instructions.
    NOTICE: Please follow the password requirements listed above. If the requirements are not met, the system will reset requiring all informaiton to be resubmitted.
  8. Items in blue are required. Enter sponsor information (Households will select only 1 adult individual to be the sponsor for RecTrac purposes).
  9. Enter spouse information if applicable. If not applicable, check the box for no spouse.
  10. Select "Yes" under Do you agree to the terms above.
  11. Click "Finish"(A new page will populate to add Family Members).
  12. Click "Add Family Members" for each additional Family Members. If not applicable, click "Done" and go to Step 13 (Family Members living outside Korea need not register).
  13. Click "OK" when finished. The RecTrac Household Sponsor will receive a confirmation e-mail.

On-site household registration is also available at these locations:

What's Next?

Your WebTrac registration is now active in the USAG Humphreys RecTrac Database, unlocking opportunities and experiences with Family and MWR Service and Programs to include (but not limited to):

  • Outdoor Recreation equipment check out, programs and services
  • Leisure Travel for Information, Tickets and Tours
  • Recreation Centers and Warrior Zones
  • Memberships for 24 Hour Fitness
  • Golf Course programs and services
  • Bowling Center lockers