24 Hour Access at Sitman Physical Fitness Center

24 Hour Access at Sitman Physical Fitness Center

Sitman Physical Fitness Center - Indian Head Avenue Bldg. S-6815 (Map) Google Map

For 24 hour access to the fitness center, you must be registered online at WebTrac to establish household and link ID cards with RecTrac at the Sitman Physical Fitness Center (or at any other RecTrac facility).

No orientation is required.

When entering the facility to utilize the 24 hour access, please ensure to check in to the facility by either clicking in or if you have an account, by swiping your ID card.

Note that per AR 215-1 and local policy, this program is open to authorized users 18 years and older (17 years old if active duty). Please note that Fitness Center Rules will be enforced during this new 24 hour staffing.


Frequently Asked Questions

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I am an eligible FMWR patron who resides/works at Osan, Daegu, Casey/Yongsan. Can I use USAG Humphreys Sitman facility for 24 hour access?

Yes, you can use the FMWR programs and facilities at USAG Humphreys; however, all eligible patrons must establish a RecTrac account at USAG Humphreys.

What is WebTrac Registration and why do I need to establish an account with USAG Humphreys Family and MWR?

WebTrac is the internet based customer interface to Family and MWR Management Information System (MIS) called RecTrac. It is used by all US Army Garrisons World-Wide.

Creating a WebTrac account allows customers to self-service many FMWR programs and services from the convenience of their own time/space. Like establishing an account with Amazon or LL Bean, the patron is able to place items in their shopping cart, review program requirements or restrictions, and pay for services using a credit card. (NOTE: the online payment option is coming soon)

Starting in FY19 Family and MWR is deploying WebTrac as a means of creating community member household accounts. Patrons will be able to easily and conveniently create their household account from the comfort of your home or office at the time most convenient to the end user. This will eliminate data entry mistakes caused from the inability to read hand written enrollment forms.

COMING SOON: Starting in the summer 2019 many programs and services at USAG Humphreys will transition to a web-based reservation and payment system allowing you to register and pay for trips, tickets, classes, and/or make reservations online.

What is the difference between WebTrac and RecTrac?

WebTrac is the internet based customer interface to the RecTrac system. RecTrac is the Family and MWR MIS used to track payments, reservations, program registration,and more.

Is it a requirement to establish a WebTrac account to use the 24 Hour Fitness Center?

The preferred method to creating a Household account with Family and MWR is for the customer to establish a WebTrac account. Family and MWR will then import the customer information into the RecTrac MIS, eliminating data entry mistakes.

Where do I go to associate/link my ID Card with RecTrac?

A complete list of Family and MWR facilities prepared to assist with associating / linking your ID Card with RecTrac is posted here.

As of 15 Dec 2018 the following locations are prepared to assist you with this process:Downtown Recreation Center (Bldg. 5724), McGinnis Warrior Zone (Bldg. 6807), Outdoor Recreation (Bldg. 110), Zoeckler Fitness Center (Bldg. 1296) and Collier Fitness Center (Bldg. 1949)

My unit is under a curfew, can I work out during 24/7 access?

Please contact your military chain of command for guidance regarding curfew questions.

My Spouse has several ID Cards because she/he also has a job working on base. Which ID Card should she/he use for 24 Hour Access?

It is recommended that the DoD Issued CAC or Dependent Card is used for the 24 Hour Fitness Center program; however, any ID Card can be registered. The most important aspect of which ID Card is linked to the 24 Hour Pass is that only a linked card will open the access door.

What do I do if I lose my ID Card?

If you lose your ID Card you must obtain a new ID Card and then associate/link it with your RecTrac account at any of our customer service counters around post. Please remember to report lost/stolen ID Cards with the appropriate agencies for OPSEC reasons

I have a new ID Card, (lost and replaced), do I need to reregister my ID Card with FMWR?

Yes, your new ID Card will need to be re-associated/re-linked to the RecTrac System. Simply go to any FMWR Customer Service Counter and ask the team member for assistance.

Is my ID Card linked to DEERS or DBIDS?

No, the RecTrac is a Family and MWR MIS and is not associated with any other military system. Additionally, the servers is local to USAG Humphreys. Therefore, other Army Garrisons in Korea, the DEERS and DBIDS systems are not associated or connected to the Humphreys RecTrac system in any way.

I used WebTrac when I was at Ft. Pick a Place United States, When will we be able to start using WebTrac for online purchases / payments at USAG Humphreys?

This service is not currently available in Korea at any US Army Garrison. Currently, we are encouraging all community members to set up their WebTrac accounts and this will automatically populate the households in RecTrac. The benefits to the individuals using WebTrac are numerous and we look forward to delivering services and programs to the USAG Humphreys community in the most efficient manner in the future.

What do I do when another patron isn't following the Gym Rules, I don't want us to lose this privilege!

We encourage all patrons to be Fitness Center Ambassadors and help to self police the behaviors of other users in the most professional manner possible. Simply approaching a fellow fitness center user and politely asking them to abide by the rules is an option. However, if the patron refuses to listen we encourage you notify the staff on duty.

Will somebody lose their privilege if they don't rerack the weights? What should I do and how does FMWR deal with this person?

Family and MWR is delivering this Garrison Commander privilege to the authorized users of the USAG Humphreys Community. Our intent is to resolve issues at the lowest possible level. A situation where a patron continuously fails to rerack weights will be addressed by the Facility Manager at first discovered incident. Should the facility manager not be able to resolve the issue then elevated levels of involvement could be introduced depending on the documented or observed infractions. Since this is a privilege the Garrison Commander, he/she could determine behavior to not be appropriate and revoke privileges as he/she deems appropriate to maintain good order and discipline.

At what point will a 'knuckle-head's' chain of command be made aware he/she is not following the established rules at the Fitness Center? Misbehavior by other patrons is one thing that drives me crazy and I want to tell him/her where to go!?

First, we encourage all of our patrons to maintain Army Values at all times and if necessary remove yourself from a stressful situation before doing harm to any person, property or reputation. If repeated efforts to ‘self police’ as a fitness center ambassador fail, we ask you to notify the staff on duty. The Facility Manager will follow up with the individuals involved with any infractions and consult leadership on when to contact a community member’s Chain of Command. These are case-by-case situations and they will all be dealt with in the most professional manner. Ultimately the Garrison Commander is responsible for the safety and security of all patrons and will contact a Service Member’s (or his/her Family Member) Chain of Command when necessary to achieve the appropriate outcome.

What are some examples of misbehavior that will result in the recommendation to revoke the privileges to use the unattended fitness center program to the Garrison Commander?

  • Theft of Items
  • Assault of any type
  • Intoxication of patron attempting to use the facility
  • Destruction/Vandalism of property
  • Piggybacking or allowing others to Piggyback on your swipe into the facility
  • Bringing guest into the facility

Is the Dress Code still mandatory during unattended hours of operation?

Yes, the Blue Book and Dress Code are applicable 24 hours per day 7 days per week at all USAG Humphreys Fitness Centers

I have some of my own equipment I want to bring into the facility - is this allowed?

No, bringing personal fitness equipment into the Sitman Physical Fitness Center is not allowed. Exceptions are weight belts, gloves, knee sleeves, and lifting hooks/straps. Please leave your personal items at home to avoid any accusations by other patrons as observed on CCTV you might be removing items from the facility.