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It’s an exciting time of growth and expansion at USAG Humphreys and for businesses within its surrounding region. We’re excited that you’re a part of it and invite you to work with Humphreys’ Family and MWR to reach out to an ever-expanding population.

If you’re interested in advertising and promotions geared toward a customer base that’s expected to grow, sponsorship and advertising opportunities with Family and MWR are the perfect media.

Commercial Sponsorship

The Commercial Sponsorship Program offers the opportunity to present your company’s message in a variety of creative ways to the military community. Sponsorship gives you access to our customers and helps you build goodwill, as well as brand recognition among this loyal and growing market.

Here at USAG Humphreys, we offer several major special events throughout the year, including SpringFest, Fourth of July Let Freedom Ring, Oktoberfest, Eggstravaganza, SpringFest and BOSS Beach Blast which, in all, are attended by over 85% of the Camp Humphreys community. The advertising for these combined events reaches nearly all personnel on post on a consistent, recurring basis.

USAG Humphreys’ population is diverse, mobile and well-traveled. Military members, civilians and their families stationed overseas have a large quantity of expendable income and leisure time available. Our personnel are eager to experience Korean culture, customs and the local community and look forward to doing business with your organization. Family and MWR is the only entity authorized to accept sponsorship on the garrison, and is your official source for reaching this ever-growing customer base.

Sponsorship and advertising is customizable to your business’s budget, target audience and promotional goals. Discounts are available for businesses that sponsor multiple events.

Commercial Advertising

The Commercial Advertising Program offers the opportunity to display your company’s information in a variety of print publications and materials, as well as within the facilities. Advertising gives you the opportunity to communicate with our community. The awareness of advertising is powerful; by partnering with MWR you will see a difference once you advertise.

Examples of Advertising:

  • Humphreys Happenings, a magazine highlighting upcoming MWR and community events as well as travel, food and culture within Korea, is a monthly publication with a circulation of 6,000 print copies and additionally available online. Happenings is a reliable community staple, widely distributed to all newly arriving garrison personnel, as well as in key high-traffic areas around USAG Humphreys.
  • Banners: Advertisers can place high-quality cloth banners at two state-of-the-art banner stands located at high-traffic areas on the garrison: across from the Transportation Motor Pool and near the main post mail room. These banners are viewed by drivers and passengers of thousand of vehicles, as well as hundreds of pedestrians, each day and present a valuable advertising option.

Other examples include:

  • MWR website
  • Digital signs
Sponsor Advantages

Companies who currently supply goods and services, as well as those who wish to expand their market to the United States Army consumer can increase their visibility, build sales and promote brand loyalty through sponsorship of Family and MWR events.

There are many different ways that a company can sponsor or become a partner in Family and MWR events and programs. Providing a direct monetary contribution underwriting event-related costs such as entertainment, transportation prizes and supplies is one way.

Companies may also directly provide products or services, such as food and beverages, travel tickets, sports supplies, prizes or other items that enhance programs and encourage event participation.

By partnering with U.S. Army Family and MWR, sponsors will gain access to a vast market of well-educated, financially stable consumers. Other opportunities include:

  • Brand Recognition – Create a positive, memorable image of your product and services.
  • Heightened Visibility – FMWR events and venues offer a wide exposure to a broad range of consumers. This type of visibility builds the number of overall impressions by the Army audience.
  • Communicate a commitment to the military lifestyle – On-post events offer sponsors the opportunity to hone in on the American military market. Your support also creates goodwill and builds brand loyalty.
  • Showcase product attributes – At certain levels of sponsorship, companies are authorized a display space for the duration of the event, allowing companies to interact face-to-face with current and potential customers. Demonstrating your product in action or calling attention to your company/product is possible through couponing and sampling.
  • Drive Sales – As a sponsor, you have many opportunities to increase sales both directly and indirectly.

Other Benefits:

  • Creating goodwill exposure to Army leadership
  • Positioning to the civilian market positive publicity

Positive word-of-mouth advertising through public address recognition