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During the current HPCON level, some of our facilities' and programs' hours of operation and events may have been updated, postponed or canceled on short notice. Please follow us on social media (facebook @HumphreysMWR | twitter @HMWRNotices) for any announcements

Outdoor Pool

This facility is CLOSED for the 2020 swim season.

  • Please visit the USFK website for more information on HPCON status.

The Outdoor Pool features two tower water slide, a 50 meter pool, wading pool, kids waterplay area, splash pad, three diving boards and a small playground. Lounge chairs are available for those wanting to lay out and umbrellas for those looking for shade. Patrons are welcome to bring prepared foods to eat in designated food areas.

The Outdoor Pool is an Alcohol-Free Zone.


2020 Season Daily and Pass Rates

Due to capacity restrictions from social distancing capacity, Family and MWR limited the number of Outdoor Pool season passes. These season passes have been sold out.

Category Daily 30 Days* Full Season
DOD ID Cardholder, Individual $5 $75** $199**
DOD ID Card Holder, Family $5 per person $100** $225**
Authorized Guest $8 per person $200 for family** $410 for family**

All children younger than 3 years of age*** can enter free-of-charge. 

*Time will be based on day pass is purchased (i.e. if purchased on June 20, the pass will be good until July 20). NOTE: There will be no pro-rated 30 Day or Season Pass fees.

**Limited number of passes available.

***Age is based on US age system. Must be 35 months and under.

Category definitions/Who can use this facility?

See below the definition for each category as well as additional definitions to see which category you, your family or guests fall under in regards to utilizing the Outdoor Pool.

  • DOD ID Card Holders
    U.S. Active Duty Military, KATUSA, US Civilian Employee (GS, NAF), US Military Retirees, Invited Contractors (with MWR privileges), Foreign Military assigned to USAG Humphreys and all Dependents of those listed.
  • Authorized Guests
    KN Employees, other individuals with specific installation access (Please check for specific authorizations). KN Family Members are considered Sponsored Guests.
  • Sponsored Guests
    KN Employees' Family Members and other guests that are signed in for base access that do not fall into the "Authorized Guest" category. Sponsored Guests must be accompanied at all times by the sponsor who signed them on.
  • Family Members/Dependents
    Family Members/Dependents are defined as the Sponsor, Spouse and Dependent Children, and applies to all households. Sponsors will be requested to present required identification for eligibility. Extended Family Members are not allowed under the "Family Pass", except as noted for visiting Family Members of DOD ID Card Holders.

Have a Family Member visiting?

Visiting Family Member of DOD ID Card Holders: 30 Day and Full Season pass holders can add a visiting Family Member to their pass provided a valid USFK temporary installation
pass is presented for the visitng family member. An exception will be granted without USFK pass if a hard copy of itinerary with arrival and departure dates clearly noted is provided
(Copy will not be returned). Visiting Family Member is subject to escort policy enforced on the installation. The expiration date of the pass will be date of USFK pass expiration or the
pass-holder's expiration, whichever is earlier.

Want to bring a Guest?

Only a DOD ID Card Holder can sponsor up to 3 guests into the facility. Sponsor must remain with guests at all times. KN employees can only bring in their immediate Family Members and must remain with them at all times.


The following guidance for protection of patrons and staff due to current HP CON guidance are in effect:

  • Face coverings are required in the lobby.
  • The Jacuzzi will not be available until local restrictions are lifted.
  • Social distancing is in effect inside and outside the facility.
  • Please follow staff instructions and be respectful.
  • Patrons assume responsibility for ensuring that they only use the facility when they are healthy and that they follow all protocols for personal hygiene and sanitation.
  • All users of this facility will need to have their households registered in RecTrac, if they are already not in the system already, to ensure contact tracing. This includes daily users of the facility. If you have not already registered, please allow for time to register.

Outdoor Pool includes:

  • 50 meters x 25 meters, Olympic-size pool with depths ranging from 1.52 to 4 meters, with two one-meter diving boards and one three-meter diving board
  • A 1.1 m splash pool with 2 curlicue slides
  • A .3 m kiddie playground pool
  • Outdoor play area
  • Stage for bands and other performers
  • Pool gradating in depth from from 0 to 3 feet
  • Designated Family Toilet and Changing Room (located in the bathhouse on the deck)

Health and Safety: Everyone must shower before entering the water. Remember to shower after eating and after sunbathing. Admission to the pool will be refused to all persons having open wounds, sores, including abrasions. If you are sick, have a contagious illness, or infectious condition, refrain from using the facility. 

This facility is Alcohol Free: If you show signs of impairment from alcohol or other intoxicants or medication, you will be asked to leave the facility.

Youth Age Policy: DOD youths ages 13 years and older can use the swimming pool without parent supervision. DOD youths ages 12 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult guardian (ages 18 years or older). Young children must be supervised at all times. Age is based on U.S. age standard.

Swim Assessment: All youths ages 17 and younger must successfully complete the swim assessment to swim in deep water or use the diving boards. This requirement must be met each year beginning in October at any of the Humphreys Aquatics facilities. Swim assessments are administered during the 10 minute pool break. Participants must be signed up prior to the beginning of the assessment. Sign up in the lobby. Please check with the staff if you have already completed the swim assessment for this season.

Tower Water Slide Use: Review all rules prior to using the tower water slides. All users must meet the minimum height requirement to use the tower water slides. Measurement will be taken at each slide by the Lifeguard. Life vests and goggles are not allowed.

Small Water Slide Use: Parental supervision is required. Life vests and goggles are not allowed.

Diving Board Use: Review all rules prior to using the diving boards. Only forward facing jumps, dives and flips are allowed. Backwards or sideways entries NOT allowed. Life vests and goggles are not allowed.

Jacuzzi Use: Review all rules prior to using the jacuzzi. If you have known heart conditions, do not utilize the jacuzzi without a doctor’s approval. Notify a Lifeguard prior to use. If you are pregnant, do not use the jacuzzi. Youths ages 16 years and older are authorized to use the jacuzzi.  Youths ages 13 to 15 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian actively participating in that activity. Children ages 12 and younger are NOT authorized to use the jacuzzi. All youth may be asked to verify age.

Guest Policy: Only SOFA ID Cardholders can sponsor up to 3 guests into the facility. ID Cardholders must remain with guest at all times. KN Employees can only bring in their immediate family members and must remain with them at all times. 

Locker Room, Toilet Areas, and Shower Areas: Children of kindergarten age and older must use gender-appropriate facilities. A designated family toilet and changing room is available in the bathhouse on the deck.

Swim Diapers: Children that are not potty-trained MUST wear swim diaper. Swim diapers must be changed frequently.

Life Vests: Only US Coast Guard Approved Type II, Type III, and Type V (Puddle Jumper) are allowed.  An exception is made for Korea Type A devices. Life vests are available for use in this facility.

Toys and other Devices: Dive rings and Toypedos are allowed. Inflatables are not allowed in the water or on the deck. Please be aware that full-face snorkel masks, mermaid-tail swim suits, and suits with built-in flotation are not allowed. Pool toys need to be checked by on-duty manager before use in this facility. If you have a question about what is allowed, please ask the Aquatics Manager. 

Swimming Attire: Proper swimming attire must be worn and acceptable for a family-friendly environment. T-shirts, or other street clothes are not allowed.

Shoes: Only soft-soled shoes are allowed on the pool deck. Acceptable footwear include crocs, shower shoes, water shoes, etc. High heels and hard-soled shoes are not permitted.

Pool Break: All water basins will be cleared for 10 minutes every hour at 10 minutes before the hour.

Outside Food and Beverage: Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed and must be consumed in the designated food areas only. 

Other Rules:

  • Running and horseplay is not allowed. 
  • No diving in any basin except off diving boards.
  • Coolers, backpacks, large bags, etc., are subject to be checked.
  • Please use family-friendly language.
  • Individual audio equipment may be used with headphones only.
  • Pets, bicycles, roller blades, or similar items are not permitted in the facility.

Rules and regulations are enforced IAW AR 215-1, TB MED 575, TM 566-2, MAHC, installation policies, etc.

Management reserves the right to removed or have removed for the facility anyone who is determined to be disruptive to the safe operation of the facility.

This includes failure to follow the instructions of Lifeguards and Aquatics staff.  Be respectful to Aquatics staff and Lifeguards and follow their instruction at all times.


DOD Youth Age Policy applies.

Youths ages 13 and older may use the swimming pool without parental supervision. Youths ages 12 and younger must be accompanied or supervised by a Parent or Adult Guardian (Age 18 or older).

Locker rooms, toilet areas and shower areas: Children of Kindergarten age or older must use gender appropriate facilities. (A designated Family Toilet and Changing Room is also available in the bathhouse on the deck.)

Jacuzzi Usage (NOTE: Currently not in operation): Youths ages 16 years and older are authorized to use the Jacuzzi. Youths ages 13 to 15 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian, actively participating. Children ages 12 and younger and pregnant women are not authorized to use the Jacuzzi.


Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in designated food areas only. Please be mindful and clean up. 

If you have a cooler, it must remain inside the designated food area. Coolers and bags are subject to be inspected.


Birthday Parties/Celebrations during operational hours are allowed with advance reservation only. Time frames are set and no fee is needed to reserve. Daily usage fees apply for those without season or monthly passes. The maximum number of people supported is 20. Reservations are subject to date, time and space availability. See the front cashier for reservation request. No large group reservations or group discounts are available during regular operational hours.

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