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Please be advised that scheduled programs/activities/events and the facility's hours of operation may be affected throughout the month. Services and activities are subject to change. Command and Family and MWR are committed to protecting our customers and employees, and will take precautionary measures to promote a healthy community.  Please follow us on Twitter (@HmwrNotices) or visit our Notices Page. Thank you for your understanding.

Youth Sports and Fitness

This facility is CLOSED.

  • HPCON C guidelines are in effect.
  • Please visit the USFK website for more information on HPCON status.

Youth Sports and Fitness Programs are open to ages 3-18 years old.

Youth Sports and Fitness offers developmentally appropriate opportunities for children and youth to be engaged in individual and team sports, competitions, skill building clinics and nutrition & health classes that foster development of life-long healthy habits.

Summer 2020 Youth Sports Clinics

General Start Smart (developmental clinic) (Summer 2020)

  • Ages 3-5
  • Registration: May 1-31, 2020
  • Season Runs: Late June (2020) - Early August (2020)
  • Cost: $25

Summer Camps

  • Ages 6-15
  • Registration: May 1-31, 2020
  • Season Runs: Mid June(2020) - Mid August(2020)
  • Cost: $30

Summer Swim

  • Ages 6-18
  • Registration: May 1-31, 2020
  • Season Runs: Mid June(2020) - Mid August(2020)
  • Cost: $65
CYS Training Days (Closures)

Child and Youth Services allows for program closures in an effort to support unit mission requirements and training. Below are the CYS training holidays for 2020:

  • May 22, 2020
  • September 8, 2020

Participants are required to be registered in CYS before enrolling in any Youth Sports and Fitness activities. To register, please visit Parent Central Services

A Youth Sports Physical must be completed annually, prior to the start of the sport season.

The form must be completed with a doctor’s signature and stamp and submitted to Parent Central Services during registration. 

Hint: The best time to get your child’s physical, if possible, is in July so your child’s physical will be valid for all sports for one full year.

Youth Sports Physical Download (.pdf)

Volunteer Coaches Wanted

Did you play sports in High School or College? Have you always wanted to coach Football, Soccer or Basketball? Are you a Cheerleader at heart? Even if you have never played or coached a sport before, you can still become a certified volunteer coach!

CYS Volunteer Coaches encourage all children to explore the world of sports, learn the fundamentals of good sportsmanship and have fun at the same time. For more information, call the CYS Sports & Fitness at +82 (0)50-3357-2244 to speak with someone who can help you become involved with our youth.

Coaches Discount:

Head coaches and Assistant coaches can receive discounts. Parent Central Services will calculate discounts offered to each coach.

Coaching Requirements:

  • Required CPR/First Aid and instructional training is provided by CYS prior to the beginning of the season
  • Background checks must be cleared on all coaches prior to team assignment
  • Coaches must attend one of the coaches clinics to review the rules and coaching policies and become certified through the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

Coaching Application Forms:

National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

NAYS is the nation's leading youth sports educator and advocate with national programs that educate administrators, coaches, officials and parents about their roles and responsibilities in the context of youth sports, in addition to offering youth development programs for children.

Since 1993, NAYS has created a unique partnership to bring quality youth sports programs to children on military bases in CONUS or OCONUS locations.

Through NAYS CYS offers;

  • youth sports coaches certification
  • youth sports official training services
  • parental sports education and marketing services
  • Start Smart Sports Development Program for Child Development Services
  • on site and on-line educational forums on Army installations worldwide

Parents have the opportunity to evaluate coaches on the NAYS website. NOTE: Parents must have the coach member number to rate their coach. You can get this number from the CYS Youth Sports & Fitness office. 

CYS Humphreys Parent Handbook

If you have any questions about the Humphreys CYS program, you can reference our Parent Handbook below. Note: The handbook is unavailable for viewing on government systems. Please use a commercial network to view the handbook.