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Parent Central Services (CYS Registration)

Parent Central Services is here to help get the required information for your child to be enrolled in Child and Youth Services (CYS). For your child to participate in any CYS program on USAG Humphreys, they must be registered. We can help you get this accomplished when you stop by but please ensure that you have proper documents on hand.

Please set up an appointment first by calling us. Walk-ins available on Thursdays only.

Registration and Forms

1. Make an Appointment at Parent Central Services

Parent Central Services is your one stop shop for access to all programs. This is where you will find the instructions and forms to enroll your children with CYS and to register for:

• Childcare: Child Development Center (CDC), School-Age Center (SAC) and Army Child Care in Your Neighborhood (ACCYN) community based center programs.

• Youth Program (Middle School and Teens)

• Parent Education

To streamline the process and save you time, review the instructions and complete the forms before making your visit to Parent Central Services. To begin, stop by Parent Central Services or call for an appointment.

2. Fill out the following registration packet.

3. Bring Forms to your Parent Central Services Appointment.
Our expert staff will complete your registration electronically and issue your registration card and password.

4. Enroll in Programs


Child and Youth Services allows for program closures in an effort to support unit mission requirements and training. All CYS facilities will be closed on the following days:

  • May 27, 2022
  • September 6, 2022


Department of Defense (DoD) prescribes uniform fee regulations for all military child and youth programs. The fees are based on total family income and apply to all children who attend on a regular basis. The fee ranges are updated annually. Each year DoD instructs installation to increase fees based on estimates of inflation. USAG Humphreys continues to attempt to minimize the impact on parents by providing a multi-child discount, offering volunteer and parent participation discounts. This year, families can earn up to 10% off their monthly child care costs by volunteering and participating in our programs. We commit to you that we will continue to provide quality and safe child care for our children.

MCC: MILITARY CHILD CARE is a Department of Defense (DoD) program that makes it easier to find the child and youth care your family needs. This website provides a single gateway for you to find comprehensive information on military-operated or military-approved child care programs worldwide. By improving and simplifying the child care search process, helps you make informed decisions about your child care needs.

Just follow four simple steps on their website. It's that easy.

  1. Create Account: Go to to create an account containing information about your family. This simple step establishes your household profile, username, and password for the child care system, allowing you to take advantage of its many benefits for your family.
  2. Search and Request Care: Search the system for the child care options that best fit your needs and submit your requests for care. gives you access to a powerful search engine to locate facility-based or in-home child care options. Enter the search criteria that pertain to your family’s needs, and refine your search at any time. Select one or more options and then submit your requests for care. The program will contact you when space becomes available.
  3. Manage My Requests: You can manage your requests for care from anywhere in the world. Log onto to review the status of your requests, change information related to your requests, and cancel requests that are no longer needed. Notifications will be delivered by email and to My Messages within the system to inform you about the status of your requests.
  4. Update My Profile: Keep your profile page up-to-date with important information. My Profile stores information entered during the create account process, including sponsor name, contact information, and child name and date of birth. Log onto to update your profile at any time. Frequently Asked Questions (link)



If you have any questions about the Humphreys CYS program, you can reference our Parent Handbook below.


Note: The file below may not be viewable on government systems. Please use a commercial network to view the booklet.

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Learn about CYS Childcare Options

Learn about CYS Childcare Options