Meet the SFA Team

Meet the SFA Team

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Join us on this monthly series where we get to know more about the Sports, Fitness and Aquatics staff!


Let's Meet Collier Community Fitness Center's manager!

Tell us a little about your fitness and professional background.

My fitness experience started in college at the campus fitness center. Before I started working in the military environment I worked at a couple private sector gyms. Now I have worked with MWR for about 10 years at 5 different garrisons--all Army except for one Navy.

How long have you been with SFA?

I’ve been with Humphreys SFA at Collier Community Fitness Center for about 4 months.

What’s your favorite feature about the facility at which you are located?

My favorite feature here at Collier is the variety of equipment. We have something to offer all fitness levels.

How do you workout, sweat and stay active?

I enjoy walking. I am a former Olympic competitive walker…just kidding! (lol) But walking is a very underrated avenue to being mentally and physically well.

What got you into fitness?

I played sports since I was a young child and when I entered college I thought I wanted to work in the medical field. So to combine both worlds, I was studying to be an Athletic Trainer. Since I had the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, my manager at the campus fitness center asked if a wanted a summer internship. However, in order to get the internship, I had to gain my Personal Trainers Certification. Got the cert and started teaching group PT, conducting fitness assessments, and health and wellness briefings. I enjoyed the fitness center atmosphere and introducing people to fitness ideals and techniques that could help them in their everyday life, so I stuck with it after graduating.

What has been your fondest SFA memory, event or experience?

It is probably while I was working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It was a strong community that worked to help Soldiers get back to active daily living after combat injuries; in the fitness center I had a chance to assist them and their families in adjusting to their new normal, physically.

What is something interesting about you people may not know?

I’m a former band geek… I played trumpet starting in middle school and on into college.

What motivates you?

Helping others.

What makes you laugh? (Tell us a joke.)

Gym fails that I see in person and on social media. Why do you never hear Cardi B at the gym? ...'Cause here it's called Cardi O (Don’t judge me, I saw it on the internet. lol)

What’s on your workout music playlist?

My playlist is kind of random but right now Lizzo, Bad Bunny, Koffee, Jack Harlow, City Girls, Disclosure and more.

What’s your go-to Holiday workout?

Taking the stairs. After eating a lot, instead of using the elevator in my apartment, I use the stairs.

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