Monthly Fitness and Aerobics Class Schedule

Monthly Fitness and Aerobics Class Schedule

Our fitness and aerobic schedule has it all, and for every level - whether you want yoga, high intensity, low impact, or dance we've got the moves that will energize and tone you.

Fitness classes are offered at $3 per class.

Note: Youth (ages 15 and younger) are NOT authorized in fitness classes unless they are actively participating with a parent, legal guardian or sponsor. Youth (ages 15 and younger) are also NOT authorized to sit in other parts of the facility while parent, legal guardian or sponsor are participating in classes. This includes children in strollers and other carriers.
Reference AR 215-1 8-20d(3)
USAG Humphreys Fitness and Aerobic Class Descriptions
  • High Intensity Interval Training "HIIT" (Laura): With a wide variety of exercises including resistance and aerobic training, this class utilizes an exercise strategy that alternates short periods of intense exercise followed by less intense recovery period. Modified for all fitness levels.
  • Spin (Cynthia+Shauna): A high energy class led by a highly energetic and motivated instructor, accompanied by a motivating playlist. Strength, Interval, Race Day, and Endurance are the themes and each one a challenge. All fitness levels welcome. Arrive 10 minutes early for bike set-up. Bring a towel and water!
  • Fusion (Elissa): Alternate between high intensity cardio and concentrated muscle work in the first 40 minutes of this HIIT class. Designed with an emphasis on strength work, you'll finish with a final blast of strength training and stretching. This intense workout will leave you feeling challenged and accomplished.
  • StretchMixx (Elissa): Designed to be paired with Fusion, StretchMixx incorporates yoga and pilates movements set to music to improve flexibility, posture and muscle strength for your entire body. Each class is 30 minutes and offered immediately following a Fusion Class.
  • Zumba (Sierra+Miki): Syncing high intensity cardio and conditioning moves to music to create an optimal total body HIIT (High Intensity Tempo Training). Tempo driven, the strength of the beat will challenge your muscles and cardio system to find power, strength, speed, stamina and mobility. A doable class for all fitness levels. Discover the athlete within you; feel the force, the energy and get fit!
  • TurboKick (Laura): The ultimate cardio-kickboxing experience, Turbo Kick LIVE is perfect for the beginner and elite fitness enthusiast alike! This fat-burning workout combines cardio kickboxing with body-sculpting HIIT moves choreographed to the hottest music mixes. Get lean, get toned, and feel unstoppable in the class that’s
    high-energy and super addicting! Ready to become a total knockout?
  • Athletic Strength and Conditioning "S&C" (Laura): Looking to up your game? Jump higher, run faster, and move stronger with this class. Using sports drills and weightlifting, you'll find your coordination and balance improved, along with enjoying the community involved. Detailed guidance for correct form is high priority. Activity can be modified for injuries and all fitness levels.
  • Yoga (Stephanie): A dynamic and fun class focusing on flowing from pose to pose and linking movements with breath. Each class will explore different postures and incorporate Vinyasa, static holds, and yin poses. We will focus each week on breath, balance, strength, and flexibility. All levels are welcome!
  • Bootcamp (Maria): A class designed for those looking to challenge themselves in team and individual-based training. Be prepared for HIIT, circuits, and agility workouts, all in an encouraging, motivating climate! All fitness levels are welcome to participate to improve their cardiovascular health and help tone up those problem areas!
  • Functional Fitness (Anthony, Caleigh, Cat, Tori, Kathleen, Austin + Ian): Combining weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular movements, Functional Fitness classes will help prepare you for whatever life has to throw your way. With the guidance of certified trainers, learn new skills, develop strength and coordination, maximize your stamina and endurance potential and expand your community. Every workout can be adjusted to challenge seasoned athletes and beginners alike.
  • MixxedFit (Sierra): MixxedFit is a people inspired dance fitness program with a mix of explosive dance moves and bootcamp toning. With the help of the latest radio hits, you’ll sweat the calories away. Our moves are repetitive and easy to follow, so you can
    focus on maximizing your workouts instead of worrying about complicated choreography.

Martial Arts Classes: Contractors teach 2 instructional classes at the Collier Community Fitness Center:

  • Tae Kwon-Do: $70 per month
  • Hapkido: $80 per month

From January 21 through February 6, all Fusion Classes have been canceled.

The 5:30 a.m. Spin Class will be available for January 21, 22 and 23. All other 5:30 a.m. Spin Classes have been canceled.