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Family Advocacy Program


This program is dedicated to fostering healthy Families and communities through education and outreach. It aims to prevent abuse or neglect of Family Members. Family Advocacy provides support services, training and education and crisis intervention.

Direct Services

  • Victim Advocacy Support Services
  • Mandatory Annual Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Awareness and Detection, (IAW AR 608-18 and 600-20 Chapter 8) training
  • Emergency Child Placement
  • Child Safety and Education
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Support Groups
  • Home Visitor
  • New Parent Support Classes
  • Parenting Education
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Marriage Enrichment



Home Visits

Provides voluntary in-home visitation, pregnancy and parenting education, support and resource assistance to Military Families with Children ages pre-natal through 3 years old.

Hospital Visits

Visiting with new parents, providing information and referral and aiding in detecting potential high risk Families.

Expectant Parent Information and Referral Services

Providing materials and resources on child safety, stress management, and parenting issues.

Child Health and Safety Issues

Healthy Kids: Education on indoor and outdoor safety.

Home Safety

Child-proofing your home. Available upon request.

FAP Classes

Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth Process, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding Support

Annual Mandatory Command/Senior Leader Training and Troop Briefing. Available upon request.

Training for Professionals/Paraprofessionals on Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Detection and Reporting for Law Enforcement, Child Care Providers, Youth Services, Health Care, Schools, Commanders and Civilian Agencies.


Information provided for Soldiers, Family members, Professionals and Civilians includes:

  • Domestic Violence

  • Dating Violence

  • Workplace Violence

  • Anger Management

  • Stress Management

  • Child Safety

  • Child abuse, Prevention and Awareness

  • Customized Training


Child Abuse Detection and Awareness Training (AR 608-18) (Minimum 1 hour)

This training is conducted by FAP personnel and offered to Soldiers and various agencies involved with the care, support and safety, or treatment of children. The training covers the detection and reporting methods related to child abuse. Participants will be provided with information and resources, and the Army’s policy and state laws regarding child abuse.

Domestic Violence Awareness Training (AR 608-18) (Minimum 1 hour)

This training consists of annual troop education conducted by FAP personnel for all Soldiers on the family dynamics of spouse and child abuse, the availability of prevention and treatment services, and the Army’s policies regarding family violence.

Program Name DSN Number Commercial Number
Army Emergency Relief (315)757-2363/2375 +82 (0)50-3357-2363 or +82 (0)50-3357-2375
Army Family Action Plan (315)757-2373 +82 (0)50-3357-2373
Army Family Team Building (315)757-2370 +82 (0)50-3357-2370
Army Volunteer Corps (315)757-2373 +82 (0)50-3357-2373
Employment Readiness Program (315)757-2369 +82 (0)50-3357-2369
Exceptional Family Member Program (315)757-2581 +82 (0)50-3357-2581
Family Advocacy Program (315)757-2365/2366 +82 (0)50-3357-2365 or +82 (0)50-3357-2366
Financial Readiness Program (315)757-2375 +82 (0)50-3357-2375
Information, Referral and Follow-Up (315)757-2363/2372 +82 (0)50-3357-2363 or +82 (0)50-3357-2372
Mobilization and Deployment (315)757-2370 +82 (0)50-3357-2370
Relocation Readiness (315)757-2362 +82 (0)50-3357-2362
Soldier & Family Readiness Group (315)757-2370 +82 (0)50-3357-2370
Survivor Outreach Services (315)755-1958 +82 (0)50-3355-1958