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Army Volunteer Corps

This facility has LIMITED SERVICES.

  • HPCON C guidelines are in effect.
  • Limited manning/services.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning, sanitary awaress and vigilance.
  • Please visit the USFK website for more information on HPCON status.

The Army Volunteer Corps is a new way of thinking about volunteers and volunteering within the Army. It is an umbrella that encompasses all volunteers and all organizations supported by volunteers. No matter where individuals volunteer in the Army community, they have the same goal: to improve the quality of life for all community members.

Program Overview

The Camp Humphreys Army Volunteer Corps office serves as the single point of contact for volunteerism on the installation. The Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator assists with providing information about current volunteer opportunities on the installation and in the area by helping with recruiting and directing prospective volunteers to potential volunteer openings. It is the premiere office for training volunteer managers and volunteers. The Army Volunteer Corps office additionally coordinates installation volunteer recognition events such as the Volunteer of the Quarter and National Volunteer Week Activities.


Installation Volunteer Orientation: The purpose of this orientation is to provide guidance and information on Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) program volunteer opportunities, responsibilities, expectations and USAG Humphreys and Area III Army Volunteer Corps policies and guidance.

Market Your Volunteer Experience – From Volunteer to Career: Whether you volunteer as a way to give back to the community or simply to get out of the house, you could use that volunteer experience on a job application or resume when you are looking for a paid position. Volunteer work is experience and it should be valued to the same standards as paid job experience. This class will teach you how to appropriately use your volunteer experience on an application or resume. It will help you turn your volunteer experience to an opportunity for a new job or a new career.

Award Writing and Recognizing Your Volunteers Workshop – Every year, thousands of nonprofit organizations recognize National Volunteer Week with lunches, dinners, teas, ice cream socials and more in honor of their volunteers. We encourage more informal and ongoing methods of volunteer recognition, too. By combining both formal and informal methods of recognition, an organization can create a “culture of appreciation” in which both volunteers and paid staff feel respected and valued for their contributions and have a deeper connection to the organization and its mission.

This class looks at the art of informal and formal volunteer recognition and explores a multitude of ways to create a culture of appreciation that can boost the morale of volunteers and paid staff. The class will also provide attendees with a wealth of information on awards available to recognize volunteers as well as the skills to write a justification for nominations worthy of recognition.

Volunteer Management 101: Whether you are a volunteer overseeing other volunteers or a program manager with additional responsibilities for volunteers, Volunteer Management 101 will give you the tools, resources and support you will need to recruit, oversee, sustain and recognize volunteers in your organization.

Orienting and Training Volunteers: Ultimately, a good orientation and training program for volunteers should be seen as an investment. The time it takes to strategically provide volunteers with the tools and skills they need to succeed can have a huge payoff in terms of their impact. Training is an ongoing process and can encompass many approaches and styles. This class will define the difference between orientation and training, identify primary objectives of orienting and training volunteers, review adaptable techniques of coaching and counseling and discuss the value of orienting and training volunteers as a tangible benefit.

Recruiting Volunteers: Often when staff or members of an organization are involved in volunteer recruitment, they are so anxious to fill slots or add to the membership that little care is given to finding the right people. Everyone can relate to the consequences to the new volunteer and to the organization when the wrong person is recruited. The volunteer feels incompetent and/or unfulfilled, leading to performance and retention problems. The organization does not get the job done well and builds resentment or resistance to further utilization of volunteers. This class will help you to avoid going down this dead end road of unsuccessful volunteer recruitment as it will explore targeted volunteer recruitment: a strategy of invitation to reach the best people to fill your volunteer positions.

What’s My Communication Style?: Communication is the very lifeblood of any organization, and effective communication skills are the building blocks for what is commonly referred to as “people skills.” If managers cannot communicate clearly and persuasively with employees/volunteers, and employees/volunteers with customers, then other vital goals are forever out of reach. Learn to achieve capable leadership, teamwork, customer service and coherent business strategies through communication. This class will identify personal communication styles, improve interpersonal and people skills, bring understanding to communication behavior and develop relationships.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) on the webs at Army OneSource was developed to give the Army a real-time snapshot of volunteer activities at any given time and any given installation. 

What can VMIS do for volunteers?

  • Search for volunteer positions
  • Apply for volunteer positions
  • Add volunteer hours, training and awards
  • Centrally locate all volunteer positions
  • Track total hours for volunteers for all organizations
  • Create a volunteer resume and job skill builder
  • Provide easy and efficient communication with volunteers and volunteer managers
  • Provide a portal to Everyone Ready (a volunteer staff development plan)

Join us in making a difference by volunteering in the USAG Humphreys community! Use the VMIS Quick Start Guide to search for volunteer opportunities on Army OneSource.


Services are available to all active duty and retired military personnel and their Family Members; members of the Army National Guard and US Army Reserve, when on active duty and during post deployment and their Family members; Army APF and NAF civilian employees, and their Family members; Family members of prisoners of war or personnel missing in action and surviving Family members of military personnel who died while on active duty.

Volunteer Awards

Volunteers are recognized for their valuable service throughout the year with ceremonies, certificates, luncheons, receptions and special achievement awards. The AVC office is the proponent for all volunteer awards within the installation, division and Department of the Army. Award recognition request/approval forms can be obtained at the AVC Office.

Volunteer of the Year

Each April during National Volunteer Week, USAG Humphreys recognizes its top volunteers that have been nominated by units, agencies and schools with a Volunteer of the Year Ceremony. Each nominee is a finalist, is provided dinner and receives a framed certificate of appreciation. There will be a winner announced in each of the five categories- Youth Volunteer, Child & Youth Services, Community Services, Family Readiness Groups and Other Agencies & Organizations.